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Chi Kuen Victor Chu (b. 1989), is a graphic art and visual effect artist from Toronto, Canada and now resides in Hong Kong. He graduated from University of Toronto (St. George) in 2013, majoring in Visual Studies and Fine Art History. He has previously exhibited in various countries, Japan, Canada and Hong Kong amongst other location.

Victor’s work has been widely praised for its limited palette and handcrafted graphic precision quality, while further pushing the boundaries of 2D graphic elements into a higher level of aesthetic possibilities. He works with reduplicating fundamental elements of design and drawing such as lines and geometries. Drawing the lines individually by hand, Victor wanted to record the time of him thinking of certain person. Since time and memories do not have a significant shape, starting individual works with irregular and unrestrained arrangements of line, and sometimes installing line or geometric-related material, which would further maturate into seemingly mathematical compositions, yet exhibit various scientific simplicity of a structured imagery, and could be seen as a kind of psychological graphic or symbol.

Drawing the lines individually by hand, Victor wanted to highlight humanism and nature in a sense. Likewise, by pushing the maximum possibility of line in continuation, the works never use any preliminary sketches. Free and highlights the method in which the work is made, he thus collaborate with previous unprecedented art creation movements with Gutai and abstract expressionists. The freedom of lines’ flow equally refers to the movement which can be seen by you.

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